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numbers. let's look at the freeze warnings. the darker purple shading on the map indicating where the freeze warning is place. 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and we're looking for temperatures to drop into the mid-20s to low 30s. watch out for the pipes, the plants, bring in the pets, and then we also have a frost advisory for the bay shoreline. lows to mid-30s expected there. here's a look at forecasted lows. in the north bay. mid-20s. mid-20s in the east bay, and even some 30s expected in san francisco as well as oakland. how long will the cold snap last? we'll look at the forecast coming up. >> ama: the frigid weather isn't cooling down playoff fever, but fans as candlestick are advised
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to bundle up. >> thousands of fans have been spending the past four hours getting primed at the parking lots of the stadium. those people are straggling in, a few are still straggling in, hoping to catch the kickoff here at candlestick. the playoff circus is back in town. fans converging on candlestick park. >> it's our turn. wearing going to the super bowl. one play short last year. this year is our time. good luck to them. >> yeah! [cheering] >> the cheeseheads were not going quietly into the game. >> we're amongst friends. we like then 49ers but it's not our fault you took smith
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instead of aaron rodgers in the draft. >> even before the kickoff, san francisco police were scoring, confiscating thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit items. >> i'm wearing lots of warm clothes and layering up and will be cheering a lot. >> extra police are also patrolling the area, most in uniform, a few dressed as 49er and green bay fans. just in case some knuckle heds decide they want to start a fight. >> ama: thank you so much. fans two cooperate make it to the game have options. several bars and restaurants are seeing a boost in business and offering game-day specials to bring in crowds. we'll show you some of the watch parties at 6:00.
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b.a.r.t. is delaying track work to help 49ers fans. routine replacement work was set which could mean delays. that work will now begin at 10:00 tonight when b.a.r.t. will single track trains through the tube. >> a gun show is just coming to a close in daily -- daly city. the organizers say the reason for the turnout is fear the government is going to take away their guns or impose heavy restrictions. new tonight at 5:00. tomas roman is live at the cow palace. >> gun show organizers say they have had record attendance. 10,000 people showed up here, and the people we spoke to say they came because they're concerned the president is going to impose tighter restrictions on ammunition, clips, and assault weapons. >> i cannot believe the number of people in cars.
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>> buck is as shocked as the turnout as are organizers of the crossroads of the west gun show here at the cow palace. thousands of people came to daly city, many for the same reason and same concern,. >> we all need to get them now before they take they were able. >> did you just buy this? >> i have three at home. this is the fourth. >> i'm like 100th in line, and there's 500 more people to get ammunition. >> many say the reason is the discussion going on in washington. vice-president joe biden convened a series of meetings to hopefully build a a consensus. the idea is to try to prevent more tragedy like sandy hook, and possibly have ban on assault weapons. it's create fear among many gun owners. >> because obama wants to take everybody's guns away, so they're down here buying ammo, buying guns, getting ready for the next revolution.
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>> gun show president attended meetings in washington. >> further restrictions on the second amendment are not on the table for discussion. >> he says that is his stand and the nras. he says some consensus was reached as for as background checks for criminal and mental health records but thinks the administration is just having these meetings for show. >> it was constructive dialogue. i think they had their mind made up. >> a task force on guns is expected to present recommendations by the end of the month. templeton says he expectz 8,000 people here to cow palace on sunday, and also expects to sell out of ammunition. reporting live, abc7 news. >> ama: hundreds of people gathered this morning to remember the.human mateen whose body was found in the snow? south lake tahoe last week. >> familiar my friends of alyssa
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byrnes came to the memorial service at the high school. many of them wore her favorite color, pink. they shared their memories of the 19-year-old. >> she was a happy person. she wouldn't like to us be sad right now. she would want us to be partying, like being crazy. that's the kind of person she was. >> ama: ahis sill sa will be laid to rest privately. toxicology results to determine a cause of death will take up to six weeks. >> car wash fundraisers in san jose are hing a family who lost three members in an apartment building fire. the december 29th fire killed two people and their four-year-old granddaughter. investigators are working on what caused the blaze which forced 56 residents from the apartments. proceeds from car washes today and tomorrow will help pay funeral costs. ahead, another landing scare today at a bay area airport. coming up, problems, nerves are shaken when a small aircraft
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makes a belly landing. after years of denials. former cycling great lance armstrong will come clean about doping allegations. doping allegations. the possible reasonse, sir i'm a have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app.
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>> ama: a single engine plane made an emergency landing at san carlos airport. the pilot was the only person onboard and was not hurt. on monday, another small plane had a rough lapping. you -- rough landing and ended up with its nose gear in a slough past the runway.
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>> lance armstrong will make a limited confession to doping and will offer an apology in an interview on thursday. last year the u.s. antidoping agency stripped armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and banned him from cycling for life. his charity faces an image problem because of his association with armstrong. a confession may allow him to return to competition in triathlon or running events. >> a dog left for dead with two legs cut off by drug traffickers is alive and doing well with new legs. he was found in a garbage bin last february. his front legs were surgically removed at the joints. authorities believe drug traffickers were practicing torture techniques on him. he is thriving, thanks to donations from strangers, he received new prosthetic legs. his caretaker says he is happier now that he can run and jump
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again. >> the central valley is keeping a close eye on the frigid temperatures. ahead, the measures being taken to protect the food and while the cold snap will still cost growers. >> taking you live outside. it's a night for heavy coats and warm blankets. >> with more on the unusual weather, here's david muir with a look at what is ahead at 5:30. >> good evening, right here on world news, colder in nevada than alaska. the freezing temperatures on the way out west. the record highs in the east, right here tonight, and what this all means, and the flu vaccine now running out in some places. what pharmacists are now saying. and a question about who shot jfk. was at it conspiracy? we'll get into it
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>> ama: our cold temperatures remain a big concern for citrus growers in the central valley. they're taking frost prevention measures. 75% of the citrus crop i still on the tree. back-to-back frosty nights can add up to millions in losses. growers are wrapping young trees and using wind machines and that could cost the citrus industry millions of dollars for electricity. >> running a wind machine, at least 25 to $30 an hour. we have 12,000 wind machines in place. >> growers say they're better off protecting their crops than risking a total loss. >> if you like the cold weather, head to tahoe. people there woke up to 11 below. tomorrow night lows will dip to between 2 degrees and 8 below zero. on highway 80 the roads are
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cheer but -- are clear but wet, no chain restrictions. time to get to leigh glaser to find out when we might warm up. >> leigh: next week. just to add on to that tahoe information you just gave, south lake tahoe, record low this morning, minus 12 degrees. so, yes, very cold there. beautiful shot right now of the setting sun from our high definition cam looking towards the bay bridge and san francisco. not as much cloud cover tonight so that's definitely going to mean a little more in the way of cold temperatures. those numbers will drop like a rock once the sunset starts to die down. live doppler 7hd, sweeping live right now. no returns. let's get right to what's going on at cap delstick right now. i hear there's a big game there. current temperature, 48 degrees, and by the 8:00 hour, temperature will drop to about 44 degrees. it is going to be a beautiful night with those clear sky out
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the. here's a look at some current readings for you. notice the 48 right now in san francisco. 45, novato. 46, napa. 45, antioch, 45, san jose. folks, here's a look at the forecast. the freeze warnings in place for parts of the bay area. cold spell will continue for our sunday and then, guess what, we'll start to warm things up as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday. north bay, east bay, interior valleys, where your freeze warnings in place until 8 tomorrow morning. mid-20s to low 30s, could cause freeze damage to crops and sensitive vegetation, and the frost advisory where the light purple is, bay shoreline expecting overnight temperatures low to mid-30s. here's the lows for tonight. north bay. mid-20s. napa, santa rosa, 27. east bay, antioch, 27.
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tomorrow morning. concord, 28. 26, livermore. check out oakland, 33 tomorrow morning. 38, san francisco, half moon bay, 34, 31, san jose. a few little high clouds there. the rest of us clear today, and those high clouds coming from agent system just to the north of us, right here, dipping south. this will push towards the east. tomorrow this high pressure is going to reenforce itself and allow another colder air mass to slide south. not a lot of wind tonight or tomorrow night and temperatures will bottom out. tomorrow it will be a cool to cold day. 51 for clear lake. 50, san rafael, 50, san francisco, and temperatures in the 40s, towards antioch and brentwood and oakley. 51 in san jose, even down towards the water res edge, santa cruz, 52 tomorrow. interior, gilroy, 51.
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50 for holster. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. another cold night, freeze warnings more than likely. for early monday morning, as temperatures once again in the 20s, and then the temperatures will start to moderate a little bit as we head into wednesday and thursday. thursday the forecast has some of the central valley fog, friday as well. the good news is that temperatures will start to come up a little bit, and i think that's something we'll like. this is one of those rare times in the bay area coincides with what people in other parts of the country are experiencing during the winter. microclimates make this one of the few places in the world with vastly different types of weather. microclimates are among the phenomenon abc7 news weather team and i are exploring and explaining this weekend during a abc7 news special, inside the bay area weather. tomorrow evening.
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>> thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports. playoffs, nfl. >> mike: the playoffs are underway, and unfortunately our first game is still in progress. we'll have an update on that,
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>> mike: all right. well, we're hoping to have the first playoff game for you today, the broncos and the ravens. they're in overtime in their
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divisional matchup. tied at 5. we'll have complete highlights at 6:00. meanwhile, the nfl announced their all-pro team. six 49ers made the list. patrick willis, and bowman, linebackers, and al victim -- alvin smith, justin smith earned second team honors. goldson joins the seahawks' earl thomas, and andy lee getting well deserved recognition. some other notable bay areaans on the list, aaron rodgers, second team honors. and two more cal bears, marshawn lynch and tony dplez get the nod and richard sherman also named to the team. let's switch gears. college hoops. packet -- pac-12, calhouseing washington. the cougars looking for their
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first conference win. sonny dikes is everybody. -- everywhere. total team effort. solomon throws it down. time winding down in the first. bears up 2 at the break. then wallace getting in on the action. the offensive rebound and putback. led the bear with 16. cal improves to 10-6. 2-2 in pac-12 play, beating the cougars 67-54. >> santa clara, looking for their first win at home against byu since 1961. first half. byu on the break. josh sharp misses the layup. and matt carlino puts it back in. santa clara trying to keep it close. bron doughs down 50-49. bu too tough down the stretch.
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bu wins 82-64. that final. 20th ranked nc state hosting number one duke. first half. wolfpack force the steal. it's jammed home. nc state up two at the break. steph curry's brother, seth. the wolfpack break yay, handing duke their first loss of the year, 84-76 that final. >> the hockey fans, the national hockey league lockout is over, sort of. after the owners unanimously approved the new collective bargaining agreement earlier in the week, players followed today by ratifying the new labor deal. however, the lockout is not officially over, as lawyers from both the players association and the league are combing through the terms of the deal to make sure everything checks out. however, the fans and players are anxious to get the game back
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on ice. season was supposed to start in october, and this latest delay feels like stopping a foot away from the finish line to take a break. training camps are supposed to start tomorrow. looks more like on monday. >> we'll have actual highlights of the broncos-ravens matchup at 6:00. thers game was delayed until 5:25. so we'll have highlights. >> kaepernick's first playoff game. >> mike: i'm a little worried. >> ama: group of performers getting big laughs from their interpretation of one of the
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you!
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>> ama: at 6:00, a violent weekend already in the bay area, and tonight san francisco residents are taking a stand. the white house takes on star wars. what they're saying about a request to build the death star. join us at 6:00. call it 50 shades of funny. a comedy group is getting big laughs with a parity -- parody of the book. the book that inspired it, nearing one billion dollars in sales, that does it for us here at 5:00. i'm ama daetz. for leigh glaser and mike shumann, thank you for joining us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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this is "world news." tonight -- opposite extremes. the freezing temperatures in the west. the record highs in the east. tonight, the drivers and the farmers caught in the middle. trying to save their crops. on hold. the flu vaccine in short supply. this evening, where the pharmacists are now turning away certain patients. our medical team, tonight, with the stunning number of shots already given. as we ask, how much is left? conspiracy theory. the eye-opening comments from a well-known kennedy. was there really a lone gunman behind the jfk assassination? and double jeopardy, what happens when you teach that famous robot too much? and the other game-show moment, what would johnny cash say about that new name for that famous song? ♪ i walk the line

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